Railway Station

Railway Stations: Place of Commercial Interest

Railway stations see the maximum number of people travelling every day. Even today trains are the most convenient mode of commute for daily passengers. If these stations can be used for commercial purposes then it’s nothing like it. People not only travel, they wait for their trains for hours and during this waiting hours our work is to feed in some endorsements through banners and posters.

Banners and posters are seen by every passing individual who do not require waiting but provided these banners and posters are quite deceptive. We take special care in making these banners and posters. We also put into efforts to make sure they are placed in appropriate areas in a railway station so that it can catch attention of the passengers.

Content of any banner or poster

These banners, hoardings or posters are nothing but some clusters of information written in artistic manner. The information given is mainly clubbed making it easier for the viewer to comprehend. The main things that are included in any hoarding are:

  • Heading- contains what we are endorsing about. It can be the name of the company, or name of the product or name of the service with a tagline that can attract passer bys.
  • Details of the product or services we are endorsing about
  • Lots of colours to attract people. Colours are always delusive and artistic. It gives a happy note to the board.
  • Design: the layout or design should be quite systematic. The text which is written should not be some cluster of alphabets scattered here and there making the board look clumsy. Design is very important as it’s the first thing one notice.
  • Images: there has to be some meaningful images to make the ad more captivating. Images can also give a personal touch to the ad.

An advertisement in any commercial place needs to be eye catching because it has only one purpose of grabbing the attention of looker-on. If it can grope his interest he will surely stand to read the entire hoarding and then think about it that whether he wants to buy it or not.

We make these boards by keeping in mind the interest of people and make them in such a manner that they are quite attractive to grasp the attention of passengers. We make these boards with just one interest of ours and that is to sell your product.