Advertisements are an important part of brand endorsement and any company spends a lot in making advertisements and putting them on any media. Advertisements can be:

  • Audio  
  • Visual

Modes Of Advertising A Brand

These are made according to the medium through which it is going to be put up. The various mass media through which these advertisements are put up are:

  • magazines,
  • television,
  • radio,
  • Outdoor advertising or direct mail.

Audio commercials are made especially for the radio audience. In a country like India, a major part of the country belongs to the underprivileged section of the society. The country hoards rural population more than urban elite population. The rural population is majorly dependent on television and radio. They are unaware of computer, websites, magazines or mailing.

So, in order to reach out to this population brand endorsement needs to be done either via television or radio. Our company understands the importance of commercials and wants to help your company grow by reaching out to as many people as possible. Our motto is, more is the audience, better is the chance of getting customers.

What Do We Provide?

 Our company tries to assist you in the following process:

  • Firstly we form allies with different radio stations of the city.
  • Secondly, we target the most popular ones and try to have the advertisements on these radio stations.
  • Once these radio stations agree to put up the advertisement given by your company, they play it again and again throughout the day.
  • This repeated playing can catch common people’s attention and they may end up buying the product if they find the product useful.

Radio is one of the oldest forms of media and used by almost everyone. Once the advertisement is put up on the radio, your product is commercialized is a pretty large scale, that increases the probability of increased consumption.

What Else We Do?

We also serve non-commercial advertisers. If you want to advertise items other than the consumer product, that may be any important message (religious/political) or any advertisement related to any non-profit organization, we provide helpful assistance to put up your non-commercial message on the radio.

The first radio station was established in early 1920, and it is still very popular among the rural population, the aged section of the society, among commercial drivers, school children, and house wives. These sections of the society use radio largely for entertainment. If your commercial is live on the radio then you are reaching out to a major part of the population. Hence, radio is an important part of marketing.

We provide best possible services in helping you to nurture your business and we also help you to spread your non-commercial message.  In today’s times when online marketing is a rage among elite and educated urban population, we would suggest you try out radio as well. You may get a better response than you get via online marketing.