Newspapers: your daily chance of endorsement

Newspapers are the oldest and most trusted medium for endorsing your products. People use this medium for many different purposes because these pieces of information are said to travel the farthest and fastest. Newspapers are read by almost all literate individuals every morning. It is not only the most used medium but also the cheapest medium used for making people aware about something.

When we open newspapers every morning there are many advertisements spread across the pages of the newspaper. It is very important to get a place which catches the attention of the public. The advertisement is most viewed when published in first two pages because people are sure to glance through these pages. Many do not read the entire newspaper. We always try to grab these places to publish the advertisements we make.

What newspaper advertisements contain?

  • Heading- It should always have a catchy phrase as heading. These headings are the most important part of any newspaper advert. When the headings are crafty there are more viewers.
  • Detail: it requires having some intrusive details about the product or services. These details should be comprehensive and crisp. The design or layout of any newspaper ad is quite small so it is very necessary to fit in all important details in that small space in a deceitful manner.
  • Images: Any visual is more attractive than just text. So when the advertisement contains some images it adds to the beauty of the advertisement. We try including some related images always.

Benefits of newspaper advertisements


  • They are short and crispy
  • These advertisement publishing is quite cheap but effective.
  • Newspapers are the oldest and most popular medium for publishing advertisements. It reaches majority of the population.
  • These advertisements can give assurance of bringing in customers.


Cost of printing ads

The cost of any printing ad depends on many things:

  • Size of the ad we are publishing
  • The publication we are choosing for publishing the ads.
  • Section of paper we want our ad in
  • Frequency of publishing an ad.

All of the above also influences the popularity of a given ad. If you want your ad to be most viewed then it needs to be short and crisp, should be in most popular publications of the city and should be in a section that is read by most of the population, its best when they are published in the first two pages of any publication.

We try to follow the above thumb rules to get maximum number of viewers. The newspaper ads we make can bring in maximum number of customers for your products or services.