Car Ads

The idea is simply “earning while you drive”. We paste attractive ads of the product or services you are advocating on personal cars so that it can appeal to pedestrians and other people on road. This is just another way of captivating the attention of potential customers.


A company spends a huge portion of its profit in endorsing the products and services because intriguing the people should be one of the most important role of any big or small brand. The brand should be well known to the public. The first step of any company is brand endorsing and secondly through these endorsements they can lure customers. Advertisements can be of many types, some are discussed below:

  1. Newspaper advertisements
  2. Television advertisements
  3. Radio advertisements
  4. Advertisements through emails or blogging
  5. Advertisements in magazines

Above are the widely used mediums and thus publishing ads through these mediums can obviously attract a wide range of audience from all around the world? Well, the above examples are all traditional modes of publishing advertisements. The concept of “get paid to drive” promotions is very new and not well known by people everywhere.

How we do it?

We cannot just paste the advertisements on the personal cars, there are some protocols we follow so that your advertisements have large number of viewers and the ad looks quite attractive. Some of the rule we follow are:

Rule no 1: we seek regular citizens and ask them if we can use their car for promoting a particular product or service.

Rule no 2: the ads we publish are made of typical vinyl decals or more commonly known as “auto wraps”. These auto wraps won’t harm the body of the car and can be taken out easily when required.

Rule no 3: we have fixed rates of compensation and we make the deal clear with the car owner in the beginning itself to avoid confusion. We prefer rental payment that is done on monthly basis.

The benefits

Our prime focus is on “exposure”. The ad should get maximum exposure and it should attract the pedestrians and other people on road. So we try to make it as eye-catching as possible. Ads on car is sure to get captive audience because people stuck in traffic, or waiting in queue for their bus or waiting to cross roads have nothing to do and thus they can’t avoid to see the wrapped car. We select drivers who happen to drive in prime locations of the city every day.

Car ads are an effective way of advertising and we do our best to attract attention of people on road. Our main aim is to endorse the product or services you produce and you can trust we do it right!!