Auto Vehicles

Auto Vehicles

Commercial vehicles have become a popular and good medium for publishing advertisements. These vehicles move around the popular roads of the city grabbing the attention of people on road. The main purpose of any form of advertisement is attracting an audience and this form of an advertisement does that well. This wrapping is either done in the complete body of the vehicle or partially depending on the requirement of the client.

Types of wrap advertising

This type of advertising can be classified in two types:

  1. Painting a vehicle’s surface artistically- paintings are artistic and eye catching and serve as a good source of promoting any product or services.
  2. Using large vinyl sheets also known as “decals”. These sheets are wrapped on the outer surface of the car and these can be taken out easily without damaging the surface of the car.

Types of automobiles that can be used:

We select automobiles that are highly commercial, used by many and travel around the most populous parts of the city. The vehicles we select are:

  • Automobiles with large, flat surface like buses, rail carriages or tram.
  • Commercial vehicles like taxis that travel around the city.

History of wrapping

Railways were the first to use advertisements of this kind. They used to paint company names and logos in the compartments of the train to put to people’s notice. Earlier there was small production of vinyl lettering but in Germany in the year 1993 full vehicle vinyl colouring was first introduced. The first commercial advertisement vehicle wrap was created for Pepsi Co in the year 1993.

How we do it?

  • We use high quality vinyl sheets which are designed specifically for wrapping and these have bubble-preventing air channels.
  • We take special care and use technology that will ensure longevity of the wrap.
  • The moulding of the wrap around the surface is done by heating the vinyl with heat gun.
  • The decals which are used on the side windows are perforated allowing a clear vision for the driver.
  • The advertisements we create keeping in mind the requirements of the client and making it visually attractive is one of our main objective.

Benefits of auto vehicle advertisements

  • These advertisements sure to grab attention because people on road are mainly waiting in a queue for their bus or simply travelling not doing any productive job.
  • These advertisements are cost effective and less time consuming in making.
  • It can target a wide section of population and reach out to maximum amount of people.

We take special care in relaying your message to the public and this is one of the best methods we employ. You can trust us in making some very beautiful decals and promoting your product.