Web Analytics

Web Analytics

Web analytics is a method we employ to measure online traffic and we use it as an engine for business and market research. This process is also used to improve the efficiency of a website. We collaborate with companies and employ this method to measure the outcome of traditional advertising techniques. Basically, the tool is a traffic calculator and hence this measurement helps us in analysing how much the traffic of a particular website increased or decreased after the campaign.

Collection of data is basically for counting and collecting data. Processing the data information is treating the data like metrics and evaluating ratios. Developing key performance indicators is using the ratios for formulating business strategies. The online strategy is formulated for further formation of online goals, objectives or standards for organization.

These steps are very important steps in web analytics, and the flowchart shows the totality of the process from collection of data to formulation of online strategies.

There are some technologies we employ for analysing the web. These technologies are given below:

  1. Off-site web analytics- this analysis is done without taking in account the fact that you own or maintain a website. This technology includes analysis of website audience, its visibility and the comments that is going on in the virtual world as a whole.
  2. On-site web analytics: this technology measures the behaviour of the visitors in your website. It includes the drivers and conversions. This technology measure how viable your website is commercially.

The data which is collected in web analytics come from four different sources which are;

  1. Direct HTTP request data
  2. Network level and server generated data which are closely related to HTTP request.
  3. Application level data sent with HTTP requests
  4. External data or on-site data

Web Analytics is nothing but study of the impact. It will show you how popular your website is. The analysis works wonders in your business. It will help in improving your business. You will very well know where you are falling short and rectify those areas. Our professionals know the technique well and will help you in analysing the traffic of your website accurately. They will tell you how many people visited your site and how many among them are unique visitors and also how they visited your site, whether they followed a link to come to your site or came directly. We are looking forward to working with you in analysing the traffic of your website.