This is a method of marketing that draws you closer to your customers. In this method we aim at directly contacting the perspective customers through telephone or face to face conversation or web conferencing appointment. Telemarketing also includes recorded sales messages played over phone via automatic dialling.

Types Of Telemarketing

There are two main types of telemarketing:

  1. Business to customer
  2. Business to business

Sub-Categories Of Telemarketing

There are many sub-categories of telemarketing:

  1. Lead generation-collection of information about some prospective customer and creating leads to improve business.
  2. Sales-persuade customers to buy a product.
  3. Outbound- marketing technique in which prospective and pre-existing customers are contacted directly.
  4. Inbound-the incoming orders are received and more information is requested. Product demand is created using advertising, publicity or efforts of salesperson.

Services In Telemarketing

We provide a wide range of services in telemarketing:

  1. Call to Action– we call the prospective client to make them interested so that they can respond to the product you are selling or persuade them to visit your website.
  2. Appointment setting– we make face-to-face conversation or telephonic conversation for selling the product.
  3. Database Cleansing– cleaning and preparation of data is done for future telemarketing campaigns.
  4. Surveys– data and information about prospective clients are collected for specific target markets for research purposes.
  5. Telesales– in this service we make actual sales transaction over the phone. It also includes usage of credit card details over the phone for payment. This service is employed for faster sales.

There is a method in telemarketing. Let’s learn about this method in detail:

The best thing about telemarketing is it does not require a proper office set up. It can be done from anywhere. It can be carried out from company office, from call centre or in basic home set up as well. We are required to make minimum of two calls.

In the first call we try to determine the needs of the customer and in the next calls we try to sell the product by describing how it is and how it can serve the needs. We also try to identify the customers who are really interested in buying the product. This identification by taking into account past purchase history, previous requests made by the customer for detailed information about a product, competition entry forms, and application forms. We also try to collect the details about prospective clients from the database maintained by other companies. They can also be collected from telephone directory or some public list.

We provide dedicated services in telemarketing and promise to increase the sales of your company. Our professionals are dedicated to find out prospective clientele who can be persuaded to make purchases.