Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is nothing but helping the customers find you through various search engines efforts. You have to initiate a conversation and send the message to your customers. Some of the examples of outbound marketing are

    ■ Tradeshows

    ■ TV commercials

    ■ Radio commercials

    ■ Print advertisements

    ■ Cold calls

    ■ Email blasts

Well, outbound marketing is quite a traditional method but through this, you can reach out to a wide spectrum of the audience who may or may not like your product. Outbound marketing is not a very time-consuming method, unlike inbound marketing. It is easier to implement as well. Today most of the marketing budget of a company is spent in outbound marketing. It is as popular today among business houses as it was earlier.

Outbound marketing reaches out to customers through:

    ■ Traditional marketing strategies

    ■ In-person contact

    ■ Face-to face meeting which is thoroughly personal

Outbound marketing is not fully web based like inbound marketing is and hence companies can reach out to consumers who do not use the internet much through outbound marketing. It is a true and tested fact that until and unless people know about the brand they are hardly interested in knowing about it through inbound marketing hence outbound marketing becomes a necessary strategy for marketing products and not just an option. Outbound marketing creates a relationship with consumers and hence it is more personal. It is more appropriately said the ‘first contact’ after which relationship can be developed.

The advantages of outbound marketing:

    ■ As it is traditional it has become cheaper, so you might get a better return on investments.

    ■ It is the best possible way to reach a widest possible audience in a very short time.

    ■ It creates a personal relationship with your customer, it can be said the very first contact with the customer after which the relationship can be strengthened.

Customers for whom outbound marketing is effective:

    ■ Older customers

    ■ Customers who are not well versed with internet and web protocols.

    ■ Customers living in a backward part of the country and who uses traditional media broadcasts.

The only important aim of outbound marketing is making your message stand out because there is an endless number of brands and endless ways of marketing those brands. If your message is not the best or not standing out in traffic of advertisements then you won’t get many customers.

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