Email Marketing

Email marketing

Every day when you open your email you must have seen some advertising emails in your inbox. These emails explain what Email marketing is all about. It is a process of sending commercial emails to a selected group of people. We can even create a big email base using social media pages.

These E-mails are used to send:

■ Advertisements

■ Request business

■ Solicit sales or donations

  These emails are used to build

■ Loyalty

■ Trust

■ Brand awareness

If you are in search of an email marketing service that is reliable and at the same time cost effective, then we are the one that can be of help to you in your business.

We Expertise In:

These are some of the types of E mail marketing that we perform:

■ Transaction emails

These emails include purchase or order confirmation, the status of a purchase, reorder details or receipts. These emails are sent with the confirmation of the recipient.

■ Direct emails

These emails are promotional emails solely sent with the purpose of advertising a product or endorsing a brand.

■ Mobile email marketing

These emails are sent to smart phones and tablets. Through emails, advertisers can reach out to more customers and make them use the advertisement for a longer period of time.

Why Do You Need Email Marketing?

This is a question that many of the business owners may ask. We can answer your question with a number of advantages of email marketing:

■ Providing an exact return on investment and the ROI can be tracked. It is the most effective online marketing strategy.

■ Relatively cheaper and faster than traditional mailing.

■ The business houses that send bulk emails for advertising can use ESP (Email Service Provider) to gain information about the behavior of the recipient.

■ These emails can test different marketing content, including visual, creative, marketing copy and multimedia assets.

■ These emails can reach out to many email subscribers

Things To Take Care Of

With advantages, email marketing can also have a few disadvantages, similar to any other thing. Some of the disadvantages can be:

■ There is always a risk of recipients blocking the emails, or putting them in spam.

■ Consumers can receive only 90 emails per day. If the limit exceeds then the consumer may not receive the email sent.

For eliminating these disadvantages we use the opt-in emails. Opt-in emails can also be called permission marketing. This is also a method of advertising in which we can take the consent of the recipient before sending advertising emails.

Emails are a good way of letting people know the brand you are selling. We provide professional services in endorsing your product. Our experts will provide you with best services available in the advertisement of the products you are selling.