Commercials & Explainer Videos

Commercials Explainer Videos

If you cannot make your commercial attractive and that stands out in the crowd you fail to make your product commercially attractive and popular among the targeted population. The commercial should attract the targeted group of people. We can assure you that we make the commercial with the sole intention to attract people with highly interesting content.

Commercials can be of many types which are described below:

  1. Advertising- messages published in newspapers, magazines, flyers and billboards but these messages are paid by the business house.
  2. Radio advertisements- the advertisements which are solely made for the radio audience.
  3. Television advertisement- these are the announcements that are broadcasted for the television audience.

These advertisements are mainly broadcasted for making the profit. Commercials are in the form of both audio and video. Commercials are important catalysts in branding. Commercials can be of three types:

It can be made for the customers or other businesses. The purpose remains uniform whatever the type is that is to spread awareness regarding a product or services.

Traditionally commercials were in the form of wall paintings, billboards, street furniture components, printed flyers, radio, cinema and television adverts. Today there are many components added to commercials because of advancement of technology. Today web banners, mobile phones, shopping carts, web popups, skywriting, bus stands are been added to components.

On the other hand commercial explainer’s video is slightly a different concept. It is simply a video that is crafted to explain the details of a product. These videos do not generally exceed 2 minutes and are widely used for marketing, e-learning or customer service. These can also be in the form of:

  • Animated commercials,
  • Movie information or
  • Explanatory video.

Commercials & Explainer Videos

There are various types of explanatory videos:

  1. Cartoon video- generally attracts children immediately, quite innovative to attract adults as well.
  2. Whiteboard Animation- this is a famous technique and is used from a very early time. This is made by sweeping hands across a whiteboard. It is a very innovative method.
  3. Animation
  4. Live video-these videos are made with real people, for example outside a movie hall or shopping mall when reviewing a movie or branding the mall.
  5. Stop motion-these are made from a thousand of images together into a video, clay figures can be used to or this.

Commercials explainers videos are an important part of marketing and we provide best of services in developing commercials and explainers video for the products and services you want to sell.