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The Success Story Of eBay – An E-Commerce Giant with Giant Leap

Pierre Omidyar is responsible for the website eBay somewhere around 1995. It started in his living room. Since initial days only it meant to be a marketplace where buyers and sellers can do transactions conveniently. After 3 years, Meg Whitman joined Pierre and led the website to new success level. Later on experienced people from some of the biggest companies also joined to make up a strong team for eBay. Some of the important names are Disney, Pepsico and so on. Soon, the company started collaborating with a number of bigger brands such as GM, Sun, and so on. The average sale of the items also started increasing per day.

The Dynamic Business Model: eBay

(Source: Brandeis University)

eBay had a model of business that brought both sellers and buyers together at one single platform. Buyers can list their items on the website for sale and the buyers can cross check these items and bid on them to buy. These items are arranged category-wise so that the buyers can easily search for their required items and can order them. The trading for the sellers are also made quite convenient and hence registering can be done in just a few minutes and they can instantly start listing the items online for the buyers.

Success Story Of eBay – An E-Commerce Giant with Giant Leap

It is easy for the buyers to search the items and order the items. They just have to pay for the item and there are no such other charges for the bidding process. But on the other hand, the sellers do have to pay two different kinds of charges.

  • An insertion fee is charged that is nonrefundable. This fee is charged when a seller lists an item on the site. The charges depend on the opening bid of the seller’s item.
  • Another fee is charged for additional options that are provided for the item listed such as highlighted listing and so on that can promote the item on the site.
  • The last charge is the Final Value that is charged on the final price of the item at the end of the auction.

eBay: It all started in the month of September of the year 1995 when Pierre Omidyar started with AuctionWeb. It is said that Pierre used to work on his personal computer at his home and hence the code was created and the site started in the living room of Pierre Omidyar.

The buyer and the seller are notified with the help of an email for all the steps of selling or buying of the items. The transaction between the seller and the buyer takes place independently apart from the above-mentioned charges charged by the site.

The History Of eBay


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The Success Story of Alibaba - China's E-Commerce Giant: Jack Ma

Found on 4th April of the year 1999, Alibaba is a Chinese multinational organization with its hold on various areas such as retail, e-commerce, technology, AI, and internet. If seen as per the revenue, the company ranks number five among the various largest internet companies. The founders who made this organization a successful one are Jack Ma, Lou Wensheng, Tony Yiu, Jane Jiang, Ma Chengwei, Joseph C. Tsai, Simon Xie, Cathy Zhang, James Sheng, Shi Yufeng, Peng Lei, Trudy Dai, Eddie Wu, Zhou Yuehong, Jianhang Jin, Han Min, Jin Yuanying, and Toto Sun. The Success Story of Alibaba marked a change in the online e-commerce industry.

Where it All Started: Alibaba

When the company started, the operations started from the apartment of Jack Ma located in Hangzhou. The first website launched by the company is The website is in the language English and has turned out to be a global marketplace by now. Afterwards, in the same year, a domestic marketplace started in China, currently known by the name

The Success Story of Alibaba – China’s E-Commerce Giant

Success Story of Alibaba: Detailed RoadMap

Source: Alibaba History

  • 2000 – The group got an investment of about US$20 million from the SoftBank’s investor group. The same year in the month of September, Alibaba organized a Summit with leaders of thoughts and internet business together. Soon by December 2001, the company crossed 1 million users.


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Amazon–The Success Story of the Largest Online Retail Store that started from Garage | Jeff Bezos | The Story of Amazon

The Story of Amazon – The Largest Online Retail Store

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Amazon has become today one of the finest examples of e-commerce platforms. The internet-based shopping platform is best known to deal with a huge number of options such as fashion, stationeries, music, lifestyle-related items, and almost everything. Also, it has offered its services in cloud computing. Hence, when you have the application Amazon installed in your smartphone, you can enjoy a huge number of deals.

Amazon Store - Jeff Besoz | The Story of Amazon

When you are talking about Amazon, you cannot forget about the Kindle. The e-book gadget kindle is introduced by Amazon in order to provide an added comfort to people who love reading. You do not have to carry so many books together when you have Kindle in which you can have a numerous number of e-books downloaded. This has also led to amazing growth in the publishing of the e-books lately.

The Story of Amazon

So, why the name ‘Amazon’ is selected? It is said that Jeff Bezos, the former hedge fund executive of the Wall Street and the founder of the platform wanted a name that started with the first alphabet. Also, there are some other people who say that the name has got some connection with the Amazon River, the vast river of South America. So, what is the logic in it? The river Amazon is known for its hugeness across the world and the company was expected to spread out in the same way. Also, the first alphabet would help the company to be on the top always.

Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO Of Amazon.Com | The Story of Amazon

Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO Of Amazon.Com, Poses For Portrait January 1, 1997 In Seattle, Wa. (Photo By Paul Souders/Getty Images)

The concept of was similar to the Silicon Valley bookstore, to sell books initially. The concept of Amazon was quite clear. They offered the benefit of delivering any book to any customer and at any location.

The Foundation

Jeffrey P. Bezos established Amazon in the month of July of the year 1994. It was just in the year 1995 when the company went online and became As estimated by the founder, the company came to be known quite soon because of the alphabet ‘A’ as the name’s initial alphabet. They started with books and this made them quite famous among their consumers. Though the company attracted attention since its launch, the first huge profit was earned during the last quarter of the year 2001.

Amazon Logo | Jeff Bezos | The Story of Amazon

Have you ever noticed the logo of the company? You will find an arrow running from the alphabet A to the alphabet Z in the name. This means that the company is able to offer you almost everything that starts with the alphabets A-Z. Also, the arrow forms a smile and this denotes that the company not only can offer you almost every item but also they offer you with great customer service and satisfaction.

Amazon's Impressive Long-Term Growth from 1997-2017 | Jeff Bezos | The Story of Amazon

Amazon’s Impressive Long-Term Growth from 1997-2017

The Amazon shares was opened up for the public in the year 1997 with the symbol AMZN. Initially, the price of the company was $18.00 for a single share. After that, in the last 10 years, it has seen a consistent rise in the prices and presently it is somewhere around $170.00 per share. The climb in the profit was noticed since the year 2008 and now they have a target of reaching till a target price of $400 per stock. Hopefully, they will soon reach out to the target, noticing their consistent growth in both stock price and popularity.


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Amazing Tricks for Content Marketing

Content is King” – this is the most heard tagline of today and this is the reason everyone is running after content marketing. Recently, the market for content has seen a growth of about 16% from the year 2017 to 2018.

So, you have also started a site of your own but somehow your contents are not attracting the right amount of traffic? There must be somewhere that you are going wrong. How do you know that? Well, here are some of the common mistakes that should not be done. You can correct them to make your content more noticeable. These tricks for content marketing can make your visitors increase at about 40% than original.

Is Your Content Not Getting Noticed?

The Content Strategy: Planning up your content marketing calendar

There are so many people who think that they can post the blogs or the contents as per their convenience. This is a very common fault that steals away the attention of the viewers from your content.

To get a good amount of attention, you should have a proper content marketing strategy planned. You need to create a time schedule for posting the contents. This is the best trick for content marketing. This provides a larger area of vision and day to day accuracy to maintain quality.

Never post contents randomly. This is once again a great mistake. If you do not target one particular stratum of the audience, you will not be able to gain attention.

The Content Strategy: Planning up your content marketing calendar (more…)

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Do Not Use “Promote”

As per a recent study, it was found that the future of content marketing will hold much lesser contents than it is now. The primary reason for the same is quite real and practical. There are so many contents that are being produced each day today but only a few of them can raise high to the level of excellence or being SEO friendly. Rests of them are nothing but crap. So, why does anyone have to waste his or her time creating such contents that will go to crap? Hence, there are high chances that the future will hold much lesser contents than today.

Here are listed some of the generic and practical reasons that can prove out that the content marketing will have shorter contents in future.

Publishing The Contents:

When content is being published in a newsroom, the contents are written, edited and checked to get the best quality. But this is not the same as the brands. There are so many brands that hire junior writers with lesser experience in writing or even use different cheaper mechanisms to create contents. This actually brings up contents that are much lower in quality and hence the results are also below the satisfactory level.

A much better idea is to plan some such options through which the brand can create unique and quality contents each time. The content should not have quantity but it should have quality.

Content Marketing

   The Concentration Per Person on Per Content Online is very Low due to Huge amount of Content Released per Day

The WaPo Strategy:


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content marketing, cimac marketing

Has this happened to you that you have published content and you are not getting the expected number of views on it? This can often happen if you are not following some of the basic content strategies.
If you wish to get views on your content and are not ready to spend much money on it, social media can be the platform that can help you. You can now make use of Facebook Ads in distributing your contents and getting good views on it. You do not have to spend more than $1 on these contents for each day and you can get great results, following the below-mentioned points.

Relevant Content

People will come across you’re your content only when they will find them informative and useful. For this, you need to create contents that are relevant to the audience that you are targeting. For this, there are a number of questions that you need to ask yourself such as does it entertain the audience, will it is useful for the audience, is the topic of the content is in demand and many others.
Also, you should make sure that the content is simple to read and also it has an option of a call to action.

Analyzing Results

It is preferable to write contents and share them regularly. Each time you should try out a new strategy and should check out which one is actually working. Analyze the results for each content to check which one is offering you the highest profits or benefits. You can try out that particular strategy in other contents too so that you can get the same benefit for other contents too. (more…)

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What is the header tag and why is it important?

What is the header tag and why is it important?

If you are a blogger or you write for websites, you must be sure to create contents that are SEO-friendly. There are so many different ways how you can do so such as making the content readable, attractive and others. But one of the most important point that you should never forget is that you should know what is header tag why is it important.

What Is Header Tag?

Header Tag is a term used in HTML language and it denotes mainly the title and subtitles of the content. It is said that content is incomplete with a proper formatting and these tags make sure to provide a proper formatting as well as readability to the content.

Now, these tags are available in different numbers such as H1, H2, H3, and so on. The numerical denote the size of the tags, 1 being the largest and then the rest coming down in its size. This means the H1 tag is the main title of the content. Now the other tags are the subtitles and other options.

The Important Of The Header Tags?

Now, when it is known that, what header tags are, it is also important to know its benefits while writing content!

  • Proper Formatting Of The Content:

If you are leaving apart from the technical part and are just considering the creative part for a moment, header tags are highly useful in making your content readable. Readability is one of the most important points for SEO. Getting proper readability is very much important.  You can break the content segments into different parts and put them under different tags. This makes the content not only readable and catchy in nature but also highly attractive so that you can gain many viewers on your site.

  • The SEO-Related Reason:

The most important reason for using the header tags is due to the SEO part besides formatting. Use the important keywords in the header tags. This is because the search engine will not go through your whole content to know what it is all about. It mainly goes through the header tags to know what your content or what your website is all about. This is why it is important to put up as many header tags as possible. It will help your content or website can rank high in the search engine. Now, this does not mean that you will insert 10-12 tags in a content of just 300 words. You need to analyze accordingly so that you can have a good number of tags and also it does not make the content look bad.

What is the header tag and why is it important?

Things You Should Remember:

While using header tags in the content, there are a few numbers of points that you should take care of.

  • You should use keywords in the tags but make sure not to stuff the keywords in them,
  • Make unique header tags for each page,
  • Try not to include two H1 tags in the same content. If you are doing so, divide the content into two different topics,
  • Your H1 tag content and Meta tag should be different.

Hence, header tags are important in your content in a high way. You should just know how to use them correctly. You can gain a good number of benefits out of them.

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Lead Generation Guide for Beginner

Lead Generation Guide for Beginner in business:

Strangers or some prospectus individual who has shown primary interest in your business might be easier enough to make them actually interested in the products or services of your company. However, that is what Lead Generation helps you learn. The most common illustrations of this amazing platform are online content, job applications, and coupons. No one wants that your business would have a clingy appearance towards people outside.

For instance – You have come back from the office after a very tiring day of lengthy meetings and presentations. And you are more than enough happy to be back at home. Just when you have entered the shower to do away with all the exhaustion, the phone rings. You think that’s important and rush outside, only to find someone asking you from the other end about your preferences on computer companies. How frustrating can that be! That is where Inbound Lead Generation peeps into and helps you in making it non-frustrating. You can easily learn how to make your business ideas more interesting rather than irritating and save others’ happy showers.

What is exactly a “Lead”?

Although it might sound like something of a bit queer, “Lead’ is just that person who has hinted any sort of interest in the products or services in your company in any way possible. Cold calls are rather very irritating or jobless an activity for most of the people. You would prefer to hear from an organization or business with which you have recently started the communication. Online surveys are in this case much appreciated and they are to a great level less intrusive.

Survey Type:


A survey is a great way to know what your potential customers want. This would aid your way of approach to them accordingly.



Suppose, you took an online survey of makeup tutorial and later they had mailed you regarding your interest in further learning, there are chances that you might still give it a go. But, if the same company had called you up untimely, you would have been nevertheless disgusted. Again, it would be easier for that makeup company to understand the psychology of their customers and help them come up with more personalizing ideas of what to do in order to make the customers happier and build up good communication skills with them.

What is the function of “Lead Generation”?

Now that the idea of “Lead” is clear, the next potent question is what is “Lead Generation”? It is nothing more than the process in which you attract or gradually convert unknown people into prospects for your business so that they can learn what your business is all about and take interest in buying the products or services. Building up a pleasant communication with strangers is never easy, especially because you probably do not know in what mood they are in at that moment. An attempt can prove negative or positive and there are absolutely 50-50 chances for both. If you try using a lot of technical terms to impress him, that might just have an opposite effect. Rather, try making him understand in simpler terms so that he can generate an idea as well as an interest.

The requirement for Lead Generation:

Lead Generation is the second step in the bigger Inbound Marketing Methodology. It can happen only after the first step which includes attracting the audience and converting them into Leads has been successfully completed.

Lead Generation Guide for Beginner B2B & B2C

What you might feel!! Business with Leads & Business Without Leads.