Website Ads

Website Ads

Website ads or website advertising is also known by the name of online marketing or Internet advertising. This is the most used mode of advertising in today’s times as Internet is the most viable platform to sell products. Many people get distracted with online promotional ad messages and end up buying the item when they find the ad attractive.

Types Of Website Ads

Website ads include various types:

  1. Email marketing
  2. Search engine marketing (SEM)
  3. Social media marketing
  4. Display advertising
  5. Mobile advertising

For creation of these promotional ads we employ a publisher who converts advertisements into online content and an advertiser who makes the advertisements visible to the viewers. There are also other elements involved in the process that are advertising agencies; ad server produces the ad technically and advertising affiliates that promotes the product but independently.

Ways To Drive Traffic

We use various ways to drive traffic for your website by using website ads:

  1. Social media advertising– social media is a good platform to market your products and hence we choose social media as an important medium to advertise your products. Social media marketing requires proactive professionals.
  2. Mix it up: the content has to be appealing and we try very hard to make it as attractive as possible. The content we prepare is short and we try to format it regularly.
  3. Headlines: headlines are the ones that catch the eyes of every viewer. Hence the headlines we prepare are very comprehensive and attractive. Our professionals are master in the art of headline writing.
  4. On-page SEO– we optimize the content in such a way that it is valuable for all search engines. We create internal links for the new content we create every time. This linking can create more traffic.
  5. Long-tail keywords– the keywords we use always have long tails making it easier for the customers to search. Long-tails keywords always create more traffic.
  6. Guest blogging– we invite guests to submit their blogs on the site. This technique is quite effective in creating traffic.

Techniques That We Use

These are some of the techniques we use for making our advertisements more searched and effective.

  • Monetize content is a term referred to a process of converting traffic of a particular website into revenue. We do this by employing methods named Pay per click (PPC) and Cost per impression (CPI).
  • Pay per click is a method in which an advert is placed in a website and the owner of the advert pays money to the website owner every time someone clicks on the advert.
  • Cost per impression is a strategy in which an advert is placed in a website and the advertiser pays for every time that advert is displayed on the screen.

Content monetization and driving of traffic are two most important part of Website ads and we are quite proficient in both of them.