Social Boost

Social Boost

Social Boost is otherwise known as social commerce and it is an upcoming field in which lot of work is going on. It is a part of electronic commerce that joins hands with social media and it supports social interaction and contribution of regular users which helps in buying and selling of products online. Social boost is more simply use of social networks for e-commerce transactions.

This term was introduced by Yahoo in 2005 which used some shopping tools like

  • Shared pick list
  • User ratings
  • User generated content sharing of online product information and advice

We, through social boost try to nurture your company with the following purposes:

  • We help you to engage with the brand you are publishing in accordance with customer’s social behaviour.
  • We also provide incentive to the customer to return to your website.
  • We provide medium to the customers to talk about the brands they are using on the websites.
  • We provide detailed information about the product that suffices the needs of the customers and these information helps the customers choose the brand you are publicizing.

    By using social boost we employ the influencers like:

  • Reviews and rating of the customers.
  • Referrals and recommendations from user.
  • Communities and Forums
  • Shopping methods
  • SMO
  • Advertising

Augmented Reality has also been clubbed with social boost which allows interested shoppers to view the clothes and accessories on themselves, to check whether it is suiting them or not. After trying the apparels they can also ask for feedback by using social media tools.

The term employs various technologies and hence it’s a broad term having sub-types:

  • Onsite: in this type of social boost publishers share their products on social media and customers can also share their purchases. It also allows the customers to use polling technique before buying a product. This technology also provides live feed showing what other shoppers are buying. This technology is quite useful in improving the involvement of customers in your website.
  • Offsite: In this technology we deal with the activities happening outside the publisher’s website. These activities may include Facebook stone front, advertising products on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and other social media platforms. Some companies do not encourage using this technology. They rely more on Onsite social boost.

The Social boost can be measured by using the ways like:

  • Return on Investment
  • Reputation
  • Reach

We the publishers of the advertisements aim to get satisfying result through using the technology Social boost and promise to nurture the brand you want to publicize.