PR High Backlinks

PR High Back links

Back links are the links present in a referral website that are from some other website. These back links are very important for a website’s traffic because the Google Page Rank algorithm calculates the importance of a website with respect to the citation of a given back links. This Page Rank Score is a very important calculation because the results determine its chances to appear high in the list provided by search engines.

Back links have got different names which are:

  • Incoming link
  • Inbound link
  • Inlink
  • Inward link
  • Sitation

The more the back link a website will have the more the chances of its appearing at the top of the list in Google search engine. Back links are very important factors to determine the popularity of a given website. The entire Search engine ranking depends on the strength of the back links that are present and the number of back links present in the website. We generally place as many back links as possible in your website regardless of the context of the originating site.

We also use SEO techniques to increase the number of back links which are referring to your website. The technique named link baiting requires planning and marketing to work. Link baiting is a method used for getting user is made to click on a particular link to go to a certain webpage. The links are made in such a way that users get attracted and click on the link. The links need to be accurate, headlines need to be sensationalist, there has to attractive thumbnails. The headlines itself can make the users curious and for knowing more they click on the link.

Factors Of Back Link

  • Back links that are from authoritative sites on a given topic are highly valuable.
  • Both the referring website, and the targeted website have relevant information about the keyword topic
  • Anchor text of the back link- anchor text is the text that appears on the label of the hyperlink. This anchor text is evaluated to check how relevant and important the link is with respect to the context of the web page.

Our professionals submit websites with relevant and powerful back links so that it appears on the top of the popular search engines. We also try to put as many back links as possible so increase the traffic and have a good Page Rank score.