Tour Managers

Tour Managers

Tour Managers are the individuals who take care of every details of your travel. He is the one who is responsible for your comfort and leisure while you are travelling. He organises your tour itinerary and executes your travel plan. He provides assistance regarding your hotel booking, flight bookings and special attractions of the place you are travelling to. You can head to a tour manager for any confusion or any query regarding your tour.

Qualities we look for in a tour manager are:

  • Tour manager should be proficient in more than one language. He is expected to converse fluently in the local language and he should be quite vocal with the travellers as well. The travellers might not know the local language, the tour manager acts like an interpreter in those cases.
  • Knowledgeable: he should be well aware about the place he is taking the travellers to. He is expected to provide basic information about the locality and give information about good restaurants and hotels nearby. He should be able to answer the queries of travellers.
  • He also plans a tour. His planning should be such that the tourists don’t get bored. There should be enough time for relaxation and rest as well in between tours.
  • He should have a jovial personality: the tour manager is the face of the travel company. Hence the tourists will depend on him the most for having a comfortable as well as leisurely tour. A pleasant personality is always desirable when you are on a leisure tour.
  • He should be well qualified for the post. Tour managers require proper degree in tourism. A degree in tourism enables him to manage any tour properly.

Procedure for recruitment of a tour manager in our agency

  1. After we receive applications, the individuals are called for interview process.
  2. Interviewing panel is created for interviewing these candidates.
  3. This panel selects an individual on the basis of the following criteria:
  4. Education qualification
  5. Experience
  6. Personality
  7. Communication skills
  8. Language proficiency
  9. Age

4) After selection the recruited individuals undergo a training process and in this training process they are made aware of the decorum of our agency. After the completion of training they work as tour managers for different travel companies.

We are known to provide best of tour managers who can deliver high quality performance and increase the popularity of your travel company.