Social Media Influencers

Social Media Influencers

Social media is a rage among today’s generations. Be it in India or in abroad every one spends ample time browsing the social media sites. Social media has become a powerful medium of advertisements. Most of the commercial websites post their ads in social media for people to know about them. Not only commercial websites but also newly launched brands and products find their way in social media for achieving greater popularity.

Social media being so popular, millions of ads get posted everyday and hence it is quite a task to stand out among the millions. For catching the eye of the public social media influencers are employed by any company. These social media influencers build relationships with people online and reach up to them through blogs or question answer session for better response. Their main task is to reach out to consumers and make the brand popular among target audience.

Their task is not only to build relationship but also to find the target audience. Target audience should be potential consumers. There are many components of Social medial influencer’s marketing strategy. Let’s discuss about some of them:

  • Identify: one of the main strategies is identifying target consumers and then building relationship with them. He should also be able to identify interesting topics for his blogs that will catch the attention of potential buyers.
  • Relate: he can relate with the target audience via emails and other social media website. He can ask the people he is building relationship with to have partnership with the brand he is endorsing.
  • Measure: he should be able to analyse which topics are grabbing more attention for the brand he is endorsing.
  • Repeat: after the process of identification of topics and people who are creating an impact for his brand he can develop better strategies for marketing with these people and topics next time. He can improve his strategy each time.

Benefits of having social media influencers:

  • Bloggers have limited but more dedicated audiences that increase the engagement of these people.
  • Influencers can discuss about their brands with people and most of the people rely on online reviews before buying any product.
  • Most of the customers trust peer recommendations and bloggers can act as a peer to the customers and influence them.
  • Brand endorsing solely depends on mutual relationships.

Today online marketing has become an important marketing medium. Hence social media influencers can have a detrimental role to play in increasing the range of consumers.