Marketing largely depends on distribution of samples among potential group of public who will be interested in buying the product after using the sample. Samples are given out for free just for the people to try it out so that they get interested to buy the product. Today people have become extra cautious about quality of any product and most of the people are scared to use any newly launched products. They prefer trying it out first and then buying it. In that case samples play pivotal role in promotion of any newly launched product.

What we look for in a sampler?

  • He should be able to target the population who can be genuinely interested in the product and distribute the samples to the members of that population group.
  • He should target an area where he will distribute the samples. His target area should be such that people take interest in taking the samples and using them.
  • He should be well aware of the methods of sampling. There are ways to distribute sample, he can stand by the side of a busy road and distribute samples among the passersby or he can go from house to house to distribute free samples, or he can target an area like shopping malls, market place, parks and distribute samples to the people visiting these places.
  • He has to work with the marketing personnel as a team. He should be able to provide information regarding distribution of samples.

Qualities a sampler should have:

  • He/she should be communicative. Distribution of sample should be accompanied with vocal conversation. He should persuade the person he is giving the sample to use it and then buy the product. He requires explaining the good and benefits of the product.
  • He/she should be energetic. A sampler has to move to places all day long to distribute samples. This requires quite an amount of work. He cannot afford to get tired.
  • He/she should have a pleasant personality. He should be able to convince the person with his pleasantness and a happy attitude.
  • Many times he is the face of the company. Hence his words and marketing skills matters a lot. He should be articulate in distributing the sample. He requires being vocal and his usage of words should be decided earlier.

A sampler’s role may be small but he has got an important part to play in marketing of the products. He requires being skilled. Our agency has dedicated samplers who will help to sell your products.