In-Store Demonstrations

In-store Demonstrations

Demonstrations are a form of product sampling which are quite effective and requires fewer budgets for promotion of any product. Promotion of a newly launched product or an existing product can be done by the company in many different ways. Some of the popular promotional techniques that our in-store demonstrators are equipped with are:

  • Sampling: Distributing free samples.
  • Advertisements: Both audio and visual
  • Campaigns
  • In-store demonstrations or static display in some public area
  • Street events for promoting a particular product or service.

Above are some of the popular promotional techniques a company uses for promoting a newly launched product. We offer services for all of the above although he we will focus on in-store demonstration.

We provide executives who can carry on with proper in-store demonstration for your company. Executives are quite expert and they understand the importance of live demonstration and how it can affect consumer’s interest.

In-store demonstrations include:

In-store demonstration is not only about demonstration about a product, it involves many things. If the demonstration is done with an activity and encouraging the people present in the store to join the activity, then the demonstration becomes more interesting and captivating. Through that activity a demonstrator can persuade the customers to buy the product. Every in-store demonstration process requires special preparation.

In-store demonstrators we provide follow the following steps while carrying out with any demonstration process:

Demonstration process requires certain amount of planning and every planning process involves some steps. These steps are described below:

  • Step 1: the demonstrator has to decide on the type of demonstration he is going to use, whether it will be simple live demonstration, or there will be any activity, or the demonstration will be in the form of questions and answers.
  • Step 2: secondly the demonstrator has to choose a store that stocks the product he is demonstrating.
  • Step 3: he has to be well aware of the store policy in order to take permission for holding the demonstration process.
  • Step 4: he has to talk to the store manager regarding his plans so that the store is prepared according to the activity he will be holding.
  • Step 5: In-store demonstrations are hold mainly in the weekends when there is a rush in almost all stores

What we look for in an in-store demonstrator?

  1. He requires being jovial and communicative. His interaction with the customers matter a lot. He should have a convincing tone.
  2. Imaginative and he should be able to have unique ideas for each of his demonstrations.
  3. Hardworking
  4. Patient
  5. Experienced and knows the marketing world well

Our agency provides experienced and dedicated in-store demonstrator who knows his job well and can work with your company to sell your products.