Guerilla Street Teams

Guerrilla Street Teams

Marketing done in unconventional ways always proves to be beneficial for the company. Guerrilla marketing is also an unconventional advertising strategy used for promotion of newly launched products or services. Guerrilla marketing doesn’t require heavy budget or marketing aptitude, it just require some highly innovative ideas and conviction that the product will sell well this way. Exclusivity about Guerrilla is this marketing strategy is applied only on streets for pedestrians and other street travellers.

Places where our Guerrilla street teams work:

  1. Shopping malls
  2. Parks
  3. Beaches
  4. Busy streets
  5. Lakes or river sides
  6. Trade fairs

Our Guerrilla street teams have different marketing ideas for different public places. Crowds vising all the above places differ and hence the activity performed in these places should not be the same. It should be appealing to the crowd present there.

The concept of Guerrilla Marketing was developed by Jay Conrad Levinson in 1984. He explained the concept in his book named Guerrilla Marketing. This marketing style doesn’t only require innovative ideas but the team should also connect well with the product or services to know it better.  The program that is created for marketing the product should be engaging for the crowd, they should be able to participate and enjoy every bit of it. The more appealing the act is, more it is remembered by people.

What we expect from our Guerrilla street teams?

  1. Our team works in flexible timings and they provide support to the company we are working with. We believe in working with the client rather working for the client.
  2. Our team is quite proficient in communication; they are quite efficient with their work and willing to test with new ideas every time. They love what they do and this passion for their work drives them to do better.
  3. Our team works through all the steps involved in the programme. They are involved right from the innovation to the execution of their ideas. They leave no stone unturned in delivering the best.

What we offer?

Guerrilla street teams are adept in the following services:

  • Street sampling
  • Human billboards
  • Costumes
  • On-campus
  • Brand ambassadors to explain about your product better.

We can assure you to provide with some top grade street advertising programmes because the teams we provide are expert in innovating and executing some colourful and attractive programmes for branding of your company.