Celebrity Impersonators

Celebrity Impersonators

Celebrity impersonators are entertainers who act and dress like particular celebrity for entertaining people. They not only act and dress like celebrities but also make fun of their personal lives and scandals and some popular behaviour patterns. They very much look like the celebrity they impersonate.

Impersonating is not an easy task, one has to be in the shoe of the celebrity and have to practice being like him to be perfect. Celebrities are popular and their ways of acting, dressing or any behavioural pattern becomes popular among people. If impersonating is not done properly then they won’t be acceptable by the people. Hence prolonged practice is required for proper celebrity impersonating. Celebrity impersonating have become popular medium of entertaining people. Celebrity impersonators we provide are for:

  • Personal events like birthdays and weddings
  • Commercial events like promotion of any newly launched product or promotion of any new restaurant or hotel.
  • Events hosted for restaurant and hotel openings.
  • Charity shows
  • Comedy shows

An impersonator can also be called impressionist and their main task is entertaining people. Impersonators have to be so skilled that they require mimicking the behaviour, dressing style, voice tone and everything to be alike. Being alike to a popular celebrity can be challenging because impressions of that person get ingrained in the minds of people. They start comparing the impersonator with the celebrity and any shortcoming is instantly criticised by the audience. Hence being a good celebrity impersonator is a very difficult job.

What we look for while hiring a celebrity impersonator?

  • He should be ready to impersonate any popular celebrity. He should be skilled enough to mimic any celebrity on popular demand.
  • He should be confident enough in his acting
  • He should be expert and experienced in the work he is doing
  • He should agree to work in odd timings because most of the events and shows are held on weekends.
  • He should have a strong stage presence to connect with his audience.

Our agency hires celebrity impersonators who are passionate about their job and has taken up impersonation by choice and not by force. Our celebrity impersonators can make any live show or event livelier and merrier. He can connect to the people watching him. Impressionist’s performances are quite old and were popular in history too. We always try to provide with good celebrity impersonators who can fit the grandeur of the event you are hosting.