Bar Tenders


Bartenders are the ones who maintain a bar and serve alcohol to the people visiting the bar. Bartenders are also popularly known as alcohol chefs. Bartender’s job is not just serving alcohol but also entertaining people visiting the bar with their jovial smile, simple talks and pleasant personality. Bartenders cannot afford to be sluggish; their energy should match the tone of the bar. Bars are lively place to be in; bartenders also should have a lively approach while serving drinks. Mostly students opt for this profession for their pocket money. Bartending is always termed as second profession. Many people work full time during the day and work as bartenders during the night for increasing their source of income.

The bartenders we provide are:

  1. lively and energetic
  2. The ones with good communication skills as they are the ones communicating with the people asking for drinks.
  3. The ones with good knowledge about the drinks present in the bar. Many a times they are asked to make cocktails and mock tails. They should be prompt enough to prepare these drinks instantly.
  4. Pleasant and have a friendly personality.
  5. The ones who comply with the rules of the bar.
  6. Proficient in making cocktail like Cosmopolitan, Manhattan, Old Fashioned and Mojito.

What we look for in a bartender?

We make sure to do the best in providing you with the best and so we hire the best too.

  • The first thing we see is his age. Very old bartenders may look boring. People in the bar look for young and smart bartenders. So we hire bartenders who are less than 35 years of age.
  • Secondly we look for is his personality. He should be jovial, pleasant and communicative with people. He should be also assertive with people. When his customers ask him for a good drink, he should be able to serve him a good drink of his choice.
  • Thirdly he should have fare knowledge about drinks. He should be a good mixer of drinks. Bartenders requires being skilled in mixing drinks in right amount. Fourthly, he should be disciplined and trustworthy. He should comply with the rules of the bar he is serving. He cannot go against the rules and serve his customers.

We hire bartenders who are experienced and quite expert in their job. Good bartenders are passionate about their work and they now their job well. We provide best of bartenders who are dedicated in their work and can improve the quality of your bar.