Lead Generations

Lead Generation

Lead generation is a process used in website marketing. It is the initiation of consumer interest or any questions about the product or services of a business. Leads are created for various reasons.

Reasons For Lead Generation

  • List building
  • E-newsletter list acquisition
  • Sales Leads

We create leads for the purpose of advertising. Leads may be originated from any sources. The source may be a referral which is done by a telephonic call either made by the company itself or some telemarketers who want to advertise the product.

Frequented Utilised Channels for Creating Leads

  • Citation of e-mail advertisements
  • Content marketing
  • Search engines
  • Events
  • Web referrals
  • Online traffic

Lead generation and lead management when used together, the process is known as pipeline marketing. We convert leads into the business by keeping a close watch on it, when we find it as useful for business we quickly transform it into the business opportunity. This opportunity then goes through many sales stages.

Let’s look closely at the definition of leads. Leads are mainly contact information, demographic details of a customer who has shown interest in a particular product or service.

Types Of Lead

  • Sales leads– this contains demographic details, salary, age, total family income etc. these leads are followed up by phone calls by the sales executives. These leads are mainly used in insurance purchase, mortgage, and finance. Investment lead is an example of sales leads. This holds the entity of a person who wants to take part in any investment.
  • Marketing leads– these are specifically used for brand marketing. These leads are sold only once. These leads are mapped to their sources for marketing lead campaign.

Lead generation online can be completed using many methods. This is the generation of leads exclusively used for internet marketing. These leads contain information of a prospective customer who is genuinely interested in buying a product or service online. These leads are generated for many reasons.

Other Lead Generation Reasons

  • List building
  • E-newsletter acquisition
  • Building out reward points
  • Loyalty programs
  • Other member acquisition programs

Some of the platforms we use for generating leads online are:

  1. Social Media like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
  2. Online advertising

The technology of lead generation is undergoing constant change and it has successfully become a new online and social technique. Lead generation aims at capturing the interest of potential buyers towards a service or product. In today’s times, it is very important to find buyers and we offer best lead generation services just to cater to your needs.