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Doctor & Lawyer Online Reputation Management

Have you recently started your career as a doctor or as a lawyer? Getting recognized so soon will not be an easy task. Either you can wait for people to know you in next many years or you can follow the same route that your other competitors are following.

One of the best ways that you can choose is to get your website developed where you can online advertise your skills.

If you have decided your mind to get such a service, one of the best options that you have in your hand is CIMAC.


How Can CIMAC Help to Build Online Reputation Management for Doctor & Lawyer?

There are a number of ways how the professionals can help you building your online reputation and getting you recognized among the crowd.

  • The experts will create a website that will attract a lot of visitors and will keep them busy in reading and know more about you.
  • Your experience and your skills will be displayed in an interesting way so that the readers do not get bored and can gain a trust in you.
  • The website will also display the services that you can provide. This is very important because the visitors can connect to the services that they actually require.
  • The experts create the options through which the interested visitors can contact you or can take an appointment from you.
  • Testimonials are very important as this can create a feeling of trust in the visitors. The experts at CIMAC make sure to offer some of the best examples available.


Once you have gained your reputation well online, you can be sure to get a high number of visitors on your website among which many will be transformed into your potential customers.

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Content Marketing and Video Marketing will cover most of 2018 Marketing Planner

Gone are the days when marketing planners used only three mediums to promote their brands. They used to convey their business story along with the organization’s value proposition. Those three conventional mediums were print, radio, and television. Today, with the changing environment, a lot has changed including the marketing tactics. All previously used mediums are now replaced. They are replaced with the most trending marketing medium i.e. the internet. Various forms of digital marketing have emerged over a period of time and changed the digital landscape for the good. Content marketing and video marketing are two of the most rapidly growing forms of digital marketing media that are aimed at captivating the maximum traffic and increase the conversion rate by a significant value. Both these tools act as an inseparable part of the social media marketing campaign as well.

According to HubSpot, around 51.9% of marketing professionals consider video as the type of content that gains the maximum ROI. The ultimate aim of marketers is to promote their brands in a way that maximum people can get engaged. They successfully bridge the gap between their brands and the consumers. With more and more people being engaged in social media, marketers have found the best alternative. To reach out to a mass population they are using social media marketing. In order to engage the visitors, you need to present them with an engaging SEO content that has been designed keeping the viewer’s interest in mind. Diligently created SEO content has the maximum chances of attracting more visitors. Today, content marketing has become a universal tactic that is being used by almost 90% of companies and the count is still on a rise.

There is no doubt, that the upcoming year 2018 is going to be the year of both video marketing and content marketing. Majority of the marketers worldwide will continue to design their plans keeping these two marketing tools in mind.
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Content is King

We at CIMAC believe “Content is King”


Why we say “Content is king.”? You might be thinking why. Content marketing is on the rise, with the sector has experienced double-digit growth for the past seven years. In 2014, the sector was worth $144.81 billion. By 2019, it’s expected to have a net worth of $313 billion, according to the Global Content Marketing Forecast 2015–2019. Red Bull: With live streaming, events had gained Audiences actively seek out Red Bull’s content, which generates triple the sales of its nearest competitor and attracts third-party advertising. As content marketing strategies grow and evolves, you can expect the vast strategies to define the future of the industry.

These are the following: –

1. Videos: Marketers are now working comfortably with Videos. Now the content idea and its marketing are changing in a dynamic way. So, the marketing structure gradually changed time by time. Role of Videos has played a substantial role in content marketing. Keeping in mind the various audience nature where some love reading, some watching, and some listening. Keep this well in mind to fit in every taste of audience and avoid being lost in the vast content world where there are thousands and thousands of content available and you want to stand out of all of them.

2. Another idea is included in the strategy of content marketing that to Utilize the General Ideas to encourage the base of content. Two questions pop out in front of every content marketer: 1) Keeping it Unique? 2) Use the trend flow and curate in accordance with the mass? The advice which I would love to share is that, What’s your focus? I guess it is to make your content worthy of the time spent by the reader/listener/viewer. Why focus on curating in those parameters? Curate the content that serves the purpose of the content that would be useful for the people spending their time with your content. The more useful your content is the more love, respect, and recommendations your piece receives. Check out the Blog for a best live example of content curation.

3. Now the content marketing is more Periodical. As a marketer, I would love share that when I love some one’s content I keep going over and over again because I am satisfied rather my mind is happy to be with that content curator. What I faced at times is that I never know when the next content would be there for me to be gobbled up at the next I do is subscribing it and wait for a mail or so but there’s one hindrance that I faced. Sometimes some really great content gets neglected when looking at around huge content lists when I come back to my email after a day of work. What I am working on at CIMAC Group is that curating a monthly content collection and a short recap of the monthly content providing another scope for contents to come up in front. Google loved the way of content marketing followed as we witnessed guest visits by Google Crawlers increased in due time with proper Search Engine Optimisation.

4. Everything has a start time and expired time, the same happens to the content also. Every social content should be an Expiry Time to promote the new things of Ideas and its importance. What I experimented with the Expired Content was pushing it once again with new contents with a 2 month Gap and working with it I noticed several issues where the ever-changing trends and upgraded technology makes the content’s backdated and less useful for the readers. After several, I came to the conclusion to work on New Ideas and curate the use of Infographics to map the path of a particular topic from the past then present and mapping the future along.

5. Social content or every content should be focused on the audience world. The initial growth of content mostly depends on focusing on the creation and the audience. Content is measured by the purpose it solves by providing the knowledge to the readers/listeners/viewers.
Ask: Who provides feedback to every content?
Probable Reply: They are our readers/listeners/viewers.
Ask: How to choose the best content topics?
Probable Reply: Ask the audience for whom you want to curate the content. It takes around 5 minutes to create a form and then just send it through your connections. Gather information and curate content for them. As your network grows from time to time you would be able to curate content and create own trends and buzz.

6. One should be the Contributor in their field whatever the work concern. Give your best and dedicate your all courage believing the truth,”Content is King..”. You will get the result what you expected. When we start with our public sharing every single person is afraid of the outcomes that I have a confession to make. This is my first every content shared on Social Media Platform because I loved working on Websites rather sharing it publicly. Today with CIMAC Team by my side I have gathered courage and sharing whatever I have learned from dedicated content marketing life believing the truth, “Content is King.”

Special Thanks to CIMAC Team and Moupia Chatterjee.